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In most log cabins all the beams have been modified by machine to the same easy-to-work-with diameter and uniform shape. In contrast 'natural log' cabins owe their special charm to the fact that the logs they are built with retain their individual shapes and uneven surface of the trees they came from. Therefore every one of our chalets is truly unique.

Building a Canadian style 'natural log' cabin requires a high degree of craftsmanship. The lack of even surfaces and edges limits the use of modern carpentry tools and techniques. Traditional techniques and the use of tools such as axe, chisel and saw remain the dominant building method.

Environmental Impact

Natural log homes leave little or no imprint on the environment. All the trees used for the building of these cabins come from sustainable forests.

The fir tree, the wood used to make our log cabins, absorbs 0.7 tons of carbon dioxide to make one cubic meter of wood. This Co2 remains fully bound in the natural logs and will only be released into the atmosphere once the material either rots away or burns. Wood is therefore Co2 – neutral.

We also consciously decided to use no treatment or varnish on any of our houses but instead let them weather and grey naturally. This way no harmful substances will get into the environment once the houses rot, which should not happen for many more decades to come.

Energy Efficiency

Well insulated roofs and ground floors, efficient windows in combination with a modern under-floor heating ensure comfortable warmth in all our chalets. In our Kreischberg Lodge hot water and heating are supplied by an air-water heat pump in combination with solar panels.


Build of our Kreischberg Lodge in St. Georgen/Kreischberg.



Build of our Golden Eagle in Turracher Höhe

Build of our Sleepy Bear in Turracher Höhe

Build of our Little Badger in Turracher Höhe


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